Thursday, July 7, 2011

Feeding Them With A Long Handle Spoon

I had to examine the term "Feeding Them With A Long Handle Spoon" and how does it apply to ME.  I know I have to interact with individuals, who don't have my best interest or vibrate on the same frequency as me, due to business, job, public service, government or  It takes an acquired set of skills, intelligence, patients to humble ones self to do so, while maintaining a set of spiritual principles without just "SNAPPING" on a muthafather! I lose the battle by traveling to their lower abode of functioning and thinking.

 Due to recent events I've experienced; the phrase "Feeding Them With A Long Handle Spoon" was mentioned by a co-worker. I quickly agreed to the statement without hesitation. On second glance, I was convicted to define this age old saying that I have so frequently uttered and misinterpreted in the past. Since I have been evolving into a conscious state of being and applying right knowledge and overstanding in my actions; I MUST not just assume that what I say or do is correct or accurate. I MUST know they are. I have lived a lifetime through OTHERS thoughts, definition, experiences, and programming that has gone against the grain of my true Nature as a Spiritual Being.  This irresponsible and lazy decision making had cause me considerable pain and misfortune over the years.


 For me to "feed" something or somebody is to keep me connected physical or emotional to that/who I have decided to keep a distant between, hence the "Long Handle". Per the above definition I am gulity of nourishing someone that I obviously am not trying to have relations with.  Fire needs air to survive and/or be affective. Fire can be used for warmth, cooking, boiling, sterilizing, etc. It also burns, destroy, kill, pollute, etc. In this scenario the second fire is what I am making  reference too. The providing of air(feed) to someone who will "injure/burn/ hurt" me if I continue to stay connected to them by "Feeding Them With A Long Handle Spoon".

 I found FOR ME; that it is more conducive that I disconnect as much as possible; if not completely  from anyone or anything that will cause me harm. Their presence or actions may cause me to act out in a negative manner, even when I know better. All because I did not separate  myself, when the opportunity has arisen with facts and evidence that the future & outcome can be damaging; if continued.  Wisdom will be the deciding factor of when and how to do so.

 By: Erick "ThirdsEyeView" B.

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  1. Agree 100% cousin! Not sure why people feel it's pertinent keep toxic people in their lives, let alone 'feed' them! I've come to realize...if I'm to become better person I can possibly be- I MUST to do what's best for me-disconnect those who don't have my best interest at heart. Being politically correct has no place in my life when it comes to my sanity ;)

    Great blog!